The Sinister Trends That Ruined America


Van Bryan

Feb. 17, 2019


“[Americans] are born free, and we will stay free,” the president declared in his recent State of the Union speech (SOTUS). But Bill, ever the skeptic, isn’t so sure. With millions of Americans locked up at home… dozens of military boondoggles playing out around the world… and a public debt figure that just passed $22 trillion, our editor is forced to conclude that the usual sinister trends have doomed America to a shameful decline.

But it was the dear readers, not Bill, who really stole the show this week. Several wrote in with a pointed accusation: Bill Bonner has a liberal bias. You’ll have to read on to see how our editor set the record straight

image Trump Missed His Last Great Opportunity
Donald John Trump was seen as a messiah to many in “Flyover America.” The president would “drain the Swamp”… balance the budget… bring the troops home… and make America great again. And for a while, POTUS might have been able to pull it off. But Bill fears that time has now passed…

image The Real State of the Union
On Tuesday, Bill examines President Trump’s recently delivered State of the Union speech. Curiously, POTUS seems to have neglected to include a few key details. Not to worry, our editor fills dear readers in on what they missed…

image Do We Have a “Liberal Bias”?
On Wednesday, outrage! Dear readers are furious with Bill. They accuse him of having a “liberal bias.” That’s news to our editor… But since we’re here, let’s take up the topic. Does Bill Bonner have a liberal bias?

image Your Valentine’s Day Required Reading
On Valentine’s Day, Bill finds himself in Paris. Above the River Seine, our editor encounters a curious display of love, and is reminded of the faith and hope of the world’s lovers…

image U.S. Stocks Are Playing Russian Roulette
U.S. stocks are playing a dangerous game. With soaring corporate debt, an ongoing trade war, and a looming economic slowdown, it’s like a man playing Russian roulette by himself. Spin… click. Spin… click. Spin… bang.

image “I’ve Never Seen Bill Bonner Get That Angry”
On Saturday, a treat for Diary readers. Bill and Dan Denning, his right-hand man on The Bill Bonner Letter, sit down to discuss a curious meeting they had just blocks from the White House. The evening started out well enough. But then, things got weird…



Van Bryan
Managing Editor, Bill Bonner’s Diary