Sooner or Later, This Government Is Going Away


Van Bryan

Feb. 3, 2019


Fans of Bill’s travel stories were spoiled for choice this week: Helicopter adventures along the Pacific coast… a firsthand account of the political crisis in Nicaragua… and how the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) “deadened” 6,800 air travelers.

Our editor capped off his travel essays on Thursday by revealing his “Grand Strategic Plan ” for real estate investing: Buy land when there is “blood in the streets”… just make sure it’s not your own.


The Real Problem With AOC’s Tax Hike
Recent polling shows that a majority of Democrats support Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s proposal to tax the ultra-rich at 70%. “Soak the rich,” say the Dems. But according to our editor, that’s not where the trouble starts. It’s here

image Investors Will Fight This Trend… And Lose
As Bill has said, when it comes to investing for the long-haul, all you can hope to do is spot the big trends, and catch a ride. The big trend in interest rates appears to have reversed. But nobody seems to have told stock investors that…

image On the Front Lines in Nicaragua
In the middle of the week, Bill gives a firsthand account on the ground in Nicaragua. The country is torn apart by political chaos. And according to the locals, this can only end one way…

image Bill Bonner’s Grand Strategic Plan Revealed
On Thursday, Bill reveals his grand strategy for investing in real estate: Buy when there is “blood in the streets.” So, how’s the strategy worked out for our editor over the years? Sometimes well… sometimes, not so much.

image Is America Really the “Good Guy”?
There is a global struggle underway. On one side, the United States takes up the noble cause of freedom and liberty. On the other, an “Axis of Evil.” At least… that’s what most Americans believe. But our editor isn’t so sure…

image Why China Is Buying Gold Miners… And Why You Should Too
China is on a buying spree. The country is snapping up gold and gold miners at an alarming rate. On Saturday, Casey Research’s resident commodities expert Dave Forest shows readers what it means… and reveals why they’ll want to follow China’s lead


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