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Slipping Into Poverty   Emma Walsh Oct. 18, 2020   So far, the feds have pumped between $3 and $4 trillion of their fake money into the economy to combat the damage caused by the COVID-19 lockdowns. But even with all of this “stimulus,” the number of Americans slipping into poverty is on the rise. And the World Health Organization admits that the consequences of the lockdown might be worse than the coronavirus itself. But the feds are determined to compound their mistakes. They’re trying to outdo each other in terms of how much more fake “stimulus” they can inject. Will it make any difference? Meanwhile, Bill takes a long horse ride across Argentina’s Apachete mountains to discover a world long forgotten… Regards, Emma Walsh Managing Editor, Bill Bonner’s Diary   Altered States Last week, President Trump encouraged Congress to hold off on any further COVID-19 stimulus until after the November election. This week, he’s changed course. Now, he wants an even bigger package than was previously proposed… In Search of Santiago’s Aunt Today, an expedition across the vast Apacheta mountains. Santiago works at a farm near Bill’s ranch in Argentina. His aunt lives in Cortaderita, on the other side of the mountains. When Bill hears that Santiago’s aunt hasn’t been heard from in over two decades, he decides it’s time to pay her a visit. In Search of...

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Debt Downfall

Debt Debacle Will Be Our Downfall   Emma Walsh Oct. 11, 2020   The coronavirus and the presidential election have dominated the headlines in recent times. But no one is talking about the biggest problem facing the nation right now… We are staggering under an ever-increasing burden of debt. Much of it can never be repaid. But rather than address the problem, the feds are intent on making it worse… Regards, Emma Walsh Managing Editor, Bill Bonner’s Diary   A Head-On Collision The Baby Boomer elite has promised itself health and pension benefits worth over $200 trillion. Politically, they must be paid… But this year, taxes only brought the U.S. government half the money it needed. So how will it fund these “unfunded liabilities”? The Feds Dominate Your Life The coronavirus was advertised as an existential threat. But for most people, the virus is not much of a threat at all. President Trump’s advice: Don’t let it dominate your life. Our editor argues the same might be said of the feds, whose policies are far more life-threatening than any virus. The Helicopters Are Standing By After abruptly calling off negotiations on another COVID bailout, Donald Trump did a swift about-face. He’s now promising more $1,200 checks. The helicopters are standing by. But where will the money to pay for this latest bailout come from? The Coming Doomsday Debt Debacle...

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Tottering Towers

Elites Desperate to Hang On to Power   Emma Walsh Oct. 4, 2020   America’s elites have built their power and status… and their wealth… over decades. They launched wars against drugs, poverty, terrorism, a virus… and especially, against honest money. Meanwhile, as the elites have thrived from all of these boondoggles, the rest of society has paid the price. Now, with industries and jobs decimated as a result of the coronavirus lockdowns and restrictions, many Americans have been left behind, some permanently. And, desperate to hang on to what they’ve got, the elites will do whatever it takes to keep the jig up. Regards, Emma Walsh Managing Editor, Bill Bonner’s Diary   Dumb Enough to Be President In the boom years, people spent money they didn’t have buying things they didn’t need. And now, one presidential wannabe is proposing that we make it a matter of government policy. But what will happen when the feds stop giving people money? Trump’s Tottering Towers Donald Trump’s real estate empire was built on a foundation of debt. When the Federal Reserve lowered interest rates, his debt service costs shrank accordingly. But even with near-zero borrowing costs, he is still not making enough money to pay much in federal income tax… Boomer Elite Faces Day of Reckoning It won’t make any difference who says what in the presidential debates or who wins...

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