Mês: maio 2020

Bill Bonner’s Week

Formula for Disaster   Emma Walsh May 24, 2020   We have passed the point of no return… Right now, only half of all Americans are working… Entire industry sectors have been decimated… Retail sales figures for April, for example, show the biggest drop in 70 years. But the only plan in town is to crank up the printing presses and print up more and more fake money to “stimulate” the economy back to “normal.” And yet, in the middle of the worst economic crisis in at least 90 years, speculators are bidding up stocks to levels normally only seen at the top of a boom. As Bill says, “This is a formula for disaster. You’d have to have a Ph.D. in economics not to see it.” Regards, Emma Walsh Managing Editor, Bill Bonner’s Diary   Back to School Twenty years ago, Bill wrote that no pure paper money has ever survived a complete interest rate cycle. Now, it looks like his theory is about to be put to the test… and we’re about to relearn a costly lesson that has been wiped from the collective memories of recent generations… Back to School – Part II The damage to the U.S. economy from the coronavirus lockdowns has been catastrophic. Whole industry sectors are on their knees. And with the Trump/Fauci Depression coming into view, it seems the only plan...

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Bill Bonner on the edge

Teetering on the Brink of the Abyss   Emma Walsh May 10, 2020   [US]America is in the grip of the “Great National Hysteria.” The “national madness” rampaging through the country is far more deadly than the coronavirus will ever be. But our editor warns that we’re only starting to see the toll the feds’ response to the coronavirus pandemic will take on the American economy. Far from being through the worst, America is just teetering on the brink of the abyss… Regards, Emma Walsh Managing Editor, Bill Bonner’s Diary   All About Trump Our editor responds to a reader who believes that President Trump has leveled the playing field for the middle class, allowing them to “make money hand over fist”… And he takes issue with the reader’s accusation that he is “making money off the misfortune of others.” Arson, Larceny, Vandalism: The Originarios Declare War The originarios at Bill’s ranch in Argentina are on the warpath. The latest in this long-running battle for land ownership brings extensive damage, arson, larceny, and vandalism. Bill rides up to investigate. Flight of the Dead Condor Our editor believes the C-virus poses no real danger to the nation. But despite this, the “Great National Hysteria” about the coronavirus continues. Costs – measured in lives, jobs, and businesses – continue to mount. And America just became a real bad bet. Have the...

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Bill Bonner left and right

The One Thing Left and Right Can Agree On   Maria Bonaventura May 3, 2020   Spending more money… It’s the one thing left and right can agree on, says our editor. With that in mind this week, Bill exposes where all that “emergency relief” money is really going… all $2.2 trillion of it and counting… Regards, Maria Bonaventura Managing Editor, Bill Bonner’s Diary   No Crony Left Behind! With the C-virus gripping the country, the feds pledge to fight a “war” against the invisible enemy. But our editor points out just how two-faced… and dangerous… that will turn out to be… The Last Flight Out News from the U.S. embassy signals an extended stay for our editor in the Calchaqui Valley. Meanwhile, back in the States, the feds charge ahead on their crusade to line the pockets of friends, clients, and cronies… There’s Nothing a Big New Federal Program Can’t Fix The feds may think they’re helping struggling Americans by printing trillions of phony dollars. But their experiment in voodoo money magic has dire consequences… Facing Lions, Slings, and Arrows in the Valley Bill faces two threats down in the Calchaqui – a lurking mountain lion… and the sneers and accusations of Dear Readers who think he should “stop the disinformation”… Our Small Contribution to National Harmony It’s evident Dear Readers don’t always see eye to eye with our...

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