Mês: abril 2020

Bill Bonner on the Plague

Life in the Year of the Plague   Maria Bonaventura Apr. 19, 2020   Secluded in Argentina’s Calchaquí Valley, Bill continues his chronicles of life in the year of the plague… This week he sets out on horseback to unearth a local legend, hidden in an impenetrable rock fortress… all while connecting the dots of fake money… fake wars… and other government misadventures in America… Regards, Maria Bonaventura Managing Editor, Bill Bonner’s Diary   Siri, Where’s My Corona Bailout Check? Another week gone under lockdown, and another one to come. As the economy withers away, our editor wonders: How many lives will the shutdown truly save… and how many will it ruin? The Feds’ Fatal Flaw… and a Wake-Up Call With the coronavirus crisis in full force, many Americans are clamoring for the government to protect us and keep us safe. The only issue is, there isn’t a problem the feds can’t make worse… Vive la Révolution? The feds are replacing old-fashioned getting and spending with coronavirus stimulus. The virus may be defeated with a vaccine… but the economy is bound to suffer from their meddling long after this crisis is over. It all goes back to what Bill calls the feds’ “fatal flaw”… A Nation of Poltroons The feds aren’t the only ones with a flaw. The masses have a complementary flaw. And it manifests itself in submission to...

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The Fed Makes It Worse

The Only Sure Bet in the Feds’ War Against the Coronavirus   Maria Bonaventura Apr. 12, 2020   The stock market got a jolt of optimism this week… but Bill wasn’t so sure it was warranted. As far as our editor is concerned, there’s only one sure bet about this COVID-19 crisis: The feds will always find new ways to make it worse. But just how much worse? Bill has some ideas… Regards, Maria Bonaventura Managing Editor, Bill Bonner’s Diary P.S. Isolated in his valley ranch in northwest Argentina, Bill put pen to paper… and sent us this urgent briefing. He breaks down the coronavirus crisis… the feds’ role in it… and the steps you should take NOW to protect and even grow your wealth. Read Bill’s message here before it’s too late.   Fight Against COVID-19 or Deep State Power Grab? America is at war with a virus. But when the threat from COVID-19 blows over, don’t be surprised to find that The Swamp is deeper – and harder to drain – than ever… Untangling the Virus/Depression Mess Early in the week, investors seemed to think the worst was behind us. And while the virus may run out of steam in the near future, chances are, the worst is yet to come for America’s economy… We’re All Gauchos Now The printing presses have been working overtime. Some Dear Readers...

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A War the Feds Will Lose

No End in Sight Maria Bonaventura Apr. 5, 2020   As the Calchaquí River dries up, it opens the door to an unexpected visitor… And so Bill’s idyllic isolation in the northwest of Argentina comes to an abrupt end. But over in the money world, there’s no end in sight for the feds’ hopeless money-printing… Regards, Maria Bonaventura Managing Editor, Bill Bonner’s Diary   This Is a War the Feds Will Lose After three decades of stimulus, says our editor, we are now in the biggest bubble in history… popped by the C virus. To keep the economy afloat, the feds are giving out trillions in stimulus money. But as we’ve seen before, short-term “solutions” result in permanent measures… War Against Capitalism Besides shutting down the U.S. economy and pumping it full of funny-money, the feds are fighting another enemy: capitalism. No matter how strong the fake-money firepower may become, though, fake money won’t create real wealth… Surprise Attack The coronavirus launched a surprise attack on the world, leaving shut-down societies and economies in its wake. While the human health toll is rising daily, it’s the financial toll that will destroy many more. As money grows scarce, the win-win economy will cease to exist as we know it… Our Idyllic Isolation Comes to an End Back in Argentina, Bill’s forced containment in the Calchaquí Valley ends abruptly. But his determination...

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