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‘You can never be China’s friend’   Urs Gehriger Oct. 21, 2019   He was a phantom among journalists, using the mysterious nom de plume, “Spengler.” Like his German philosopher namesake, the cultural critic returned again and again to his despairing theories of the decline of the West. The work of “Spengler” drew from a deep and rich intellectual pool. And since the herald has revealed his true identity, we learn why. David P Goldman – philosopher, economist, mathematician and musicologist – is a Renaissance man. A former investment banker for the Bank of America and Credit Suisse, the American is known for his widely read column for Forbes magazine and Asia Times. Dutch writer Leon de Winter crowns Goldman’s work as “among the most interesting in the world.” We meet at the noble Princeton Club in Midtown Manhattan where Goldman is a member. He is intensively involved with China. Informed by close experience in the country and with its people, Goldman counsels caution toward the aggressive Asian empire. But before training a critical eye on the East, the keen observer sharply examines his own culture and the president for whom he voted in 2016. As we speak, the country is in turmoil. For the fourth time in US history, a president might be impeached. Your thoughts? Trump’s real liability isn’t impeachment. It’s China and the economy. What the Trump administration has...

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Bill Bonner on the US Economy

Scams and Fixes   Maria Bonaventura Oct. 20, 2019   Scams… fixes… dirty tricks… pixie dust? Regular Diary readers are familiar with Bill’s take on the dangers of the Federal Reserve’s meddling in the money system. This week, Bill explains why there’s no hero riding in to save the day when the Fed’s flawed fixes finally fail the reality test ahead…   America’s Economy Is a Scam All over the world, the authorities are moving toward more inflation and more debt, without even waiting for a deflationary crisis to set it off. It is a strange world, you will say. But isn’t this whole strange economy thing just a scam? Gasp! A Capitalist! A capitalist – yes, a CAPITALIST! – is running for the highest office in the land. But don’t worry… our editor assures us that a real capitalist will never sit in the White House… Where’s Paul Volcker When You Need Him? With the game rigged in their favor, the rich just get richer and richer… In other words, the fix is in. And this time, there’s no Paul Volcker on hand to fix the fix… The Fed Is Back to Its Old Tricks After a brief and insincere flirtation with “normalcy,” the Fed is back to its old, perverted tricks. It’s handing out new money hand over fist. The only issue outstanding is which boondoggles get funded....

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We’re Doomed   Maria Bonaventura Oct. 13, 2019   The economy… the stock market… even you… It’s all doomed. That was Bill’s jolly take this week, as he explored the wonky world of phony prices… fake fiat… and solving wealth inequality – by taking money from the rich, one tax dollar at a time…   Trump and Warren: Two Sides of the Same Coin The Donald thinks he’s to thank for rising stock prices. But Bill has a different take. It’s not divine right that is boosting the markets… It’s something much more real – and much more vulnerable to the limits of time… Coming Soon: The Biggest Financial Calamity in U.S. History On Tuesday, our editor turns to a topic no one seems to care much about – debt. If you haven’t been paying attention to the feds’ lax phony-money policies, Dear Reader, now’s the time… Whip Inflation Now! Dimes for bonds… So it was that our editor learned the true value of our nation’s debt. And what he learned about it is that it’s laughable at best… How China May Control the White House Politics rules. That’s the grim conclusion our editor comes to on Thursday. But what does it mean for you? The answer starts with everything… and ends with nothing… Blame the Rich Every calamity needs its scapegoat. And Bill knows whose heads will be resting on...

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USAmerica is the most corrupt

Ever since FDR died…   Eric Zuesse Oct. 6, 2019   [US]Americans don’t do it voluntarily, but mainly because they don’t understand the way the US system works. Part of that is the nation’s legal system; part of it isn’t, but is instead international. Regardless of whether or not today’s United States is a democracy, our legal system possesses two features that make corruption especially difficult to prosecute to conviction, and this difficulty is extreme and makes such convictions extremely rare at the top, amongst members of Congress, and Presidents, and former federal officials, and billionaires, so that people at that level need to be extremely stupid in order to be convictable for whatever corruption they might do. (And such extreme stupidity is virtually non-existent amongst that elite, most powerful, group. So, they get away with it. There is absolutely nothing to stop them.) Consequently, corruption is rampant at the top in America. Both of these two domestic, US, features apply also to some lesser extent in every other country; and, at the end, I’ll describe the exacerbating factor that makes the situation especially bad in the United States — the international factor, which intensifies America’s corruption-problem. Reason Number One why Americans favor corruption is that (especially at the top) corruption is, to a large extent — and very unlike lower-class crimes of directviolence — a judgment-call, largely political,...

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Bill Bonner sees tomorrow

Two Bold Predictions for 2020   Maria Bonaventura Oct. 6, 2019   This week, Bill made two bold predictions… First, Elizabeth Warren will be our next POTUS. Second, when she’s through with her presidency, there won’t be much of Wall Street left standing. In short, get ready for another episode of the “Inflate or Die” show in 2020. Because as our editor showed this week, it’s guaranteed to be amusing… and potentially disastrous…   When Reason Runs Amok On Monday, our editor explores the line between reason and insanity. The conclusion? There isn’t much of one. Like Ms. Elizabeth Warren, insane people have “got a plan for that.” And so begins a weeklong exploration into those plans – and where they come from… How to Reason Your Way Into Catastrophe On Tuesday, we get the first bold prediction from our editor this week: Warren will be our next president. Since Warren has a plan for everything, some will be quick to say America’s economy will be in good hands. There’s nothing that a little bit of planning can’t fix! But there’s a catch… Whatever It Takes There’s a big storm coming… and not just the tropical storm that threatened our editor in Ireland this week. At the root of it are some of the great advancements of the 21st century. So on Wednesday, our editor wonders: Are these new things really...

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