Mês: setembro 2019

John Bolton Is A Paper Tiger

Bolton visits Ukraine, Belarus & Moldova, should Moscow be worried?   RT Aug. 30, 2019   US National Security Advisor John Bolton has visited a host of ex-Soviet republics, including Moscow’s longtime ally, Belarus. Some saw it as a sign of growing US influence on Russia’s border. Is it? Frequent and almost traditional visits of US officials to Kiev would hardly surprise anyone these days. After all, Kiev took an ardently pro-US and anti-Russian position right after the 2014 Maidan events and another visit of another US official would hardly add anything to the geopolitical equation there. Yet, the schedule of the White House advisor this time included trips to Chisinau and Minsk as well. For the latter it was the first visit of a high-ranking US official  in almost two decades to the country deemed one of Moscow’s most faithful allies. Some rushed to call it a “turning point” in the geopolitical situation on the Russian borders, which is sure to “ruffle feathers in Moscow.” Others assumed that Minsk somehow grew weary of its friendship with its bigger neighbor and is now more than happy to “build warmer relations with the West.” Yet, Moscow did not seem to be particularly concerned about these developments as it limited itself to saying that Belarus is free to invite whoever it wants. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov shrugged off speculation that Bolton’s visit...

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Bill Bonner Senses Unreality

Nobody Knows Anything   Maria Bonaventura Sep. 1, 2019   You can print fake money… and you can fight fake wars. But there’s one thing you can’t fake: time. That was our editor’s focus this week, as he explored the blockheaded world of Trump… and the dangerous world of negative bond yields. How will it all end? Nobody knows. In fact, as Bill reminded us this week, nobody knows anything…   Trump May Be a True Believer After All On Monday, Bill wonders: What if Trump isn’t the self-promoting genius our editor took him to be? What if he truly believes, like his Swamp predecessors, that the way to make America great is to print more fake money… and start more fake wars? The Feds Can Print Money, But They Can’t Print Time In the 20 years Bill has been writing the Diary, he’s connected quite a few dots about how the economy really works. On Tuesday, he shares the most important lesson he’s learned. It’s one they won’t teach you in school… and that almost no politician or professional economist will ever admit… China Isn’t the Super Pooch It Appears to Be There’s a common myth in America… We call that myth “democracy.” In practice, Dear Readers know who makes the important decisions. But what you may not know is that there is a competition going on between...

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