Mês: agosto 2019

Jeffrey Epstein

Genie Behind the Crash   Steve Brown Aug. 4, 2019     So far, Jeffrey Epstein’s case has largely been limited to allegations of sex trafficking, but when we consider persons of great financial power and influence possibly linked to Epstein, the scope is broadened.  But what if that scope can be broadened to further encompass corruption of the global financial system itself…? Now there are two patterns to emerge so far with regard to Epstein’s philanthropic activities, one relating to philanthropic donations to Israeli causes, and the other regarding scientific experiments for genetic research. Even so, why would such philanthropy be the basis for Epstein’s obsessive secrecy? There must be a third track. Epstein was recently revealed to be the director of Leon Black’s Family Foundation until 2007, a very significant date. Black is the multi-billionaire chairman of Apollo Global Management, a private equity leveraged buyout financial firm. Black writes: “On a few occasions I donated money to certain charitable organizations with which Mr. Epstein was affiliated, and he made contributions to certain charitable organizations that are meaningful to me.” The foregoing glosses over the fact that as director, Jeffrey Epstein donated millions on behalf of Leon Black to Charles Bronfman’s Taglit-Birthright Israel charity which promotes Zionism and opposes Palestinian rights. Then, subsequent to Epstein’s conviction in 2008, Black donated $10M USD to Epstein’s charity ‘Gratitude America’ in...

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Bill Bonner and Phony Money

The Unkindest Cut of All   Van Bryan Jul. 4, 2019   “The biggest mistake in Fed history.” That’s how Bill described the Federal Reserve’s decision this week to lower its key rate. All eyes might have been on America’s central bank this week. But the “unkindest cut of all” is just a symptom of a much larger problem… As Bill showed this week, American capitalism needs real wealth to thrive. Today, it has only “managed” rates and fake money. And the Fed is going to see it just gets more of it. It’s the era of Inflate or Die. And this fake boom isn’t quite ready to die yet… How Free Money Took the Charm out of Charm City On Monday, Bill’s hometown of Baltimore is in the news. President Trump says Charm City is “very dangerous” and “rat-infested.” The mainstream press are in an uproar. But POTUS isn’t exactly wrong about Baltimore… Soon, We’ll All Be West Baltimore On Tuesday, Bill turns again to his hometown of Baltimore. Once a prosperous American city, Baltimore is now a tragedy. As Bill put it, too much fake money and phony government programs is what undermined the town. And those same ills are being dispersed nationwide… Beyond Meat: It’s Not Just the Meat That’s Fake How to make the perfect vegan-friendly burger? Beyond Meat – one of Wall Street’s hottest young companies – is...

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Aesthetics and Freedom

Why Must Aesthetics Govern A Society Worthy Of Political Freedom?   Matthew Ehret Apr. 4, 2019   In the mid-1990s, a series of exposés featured on the London Independent and elsewhere brought a dark secret to light. Many were startled by the revelation that the entire evolution of 20th century modern art was directed in large measure by the CIA! This not only included the direct financing of abstract painters like Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko, whose works now regularly sell for over $100 million apiece, but also powerful literary magazines like Salon and Encounter, interpretive dance schools, and the remarkably ugly a-tonal music of Arnold Schoenberg. The instrument selected to re-shape western cultural tastes in the wake of World War II came to be known as the Congress for Cultural Freedom (CCF). Founded in 1950 with funding from the Rockefeller and Ford Foundations, the CCF was designed to 1) promote the de-Nazification of Germany and 2) fight the cultural war against the communist world that had just recently been organized by Sir Winston Churchill. The logic of the Cultural Cold War asserted that since communism and fascism relied on “realist/rigid iconography” to advance itself, the “free world” on the other side of the Iron Curtain would rely on abstract, emotional “freedom”. Where communism was based on the sacrifice of the individual for the “good” of the whole, this Cold...

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